Details on Debby

Debby serves on staff at Grace as both our Compassion Coordinator and a member of the GraceKids Elementary team. In her role as Compassion Coordinator she helps our church engage with the practical needs of the community and love the people of San Jose.

I have been at Grace for 2 years and involved with elementary children’s ministry for the past 7 years as a small group leader, story teller and classroom assistant. I think children are amazing, and some of my most spiritually inspiring moments have come from listening to them talk about God. After graduating from Stanford University, I spent 11 years in the tech space working in operations and client services. I’m now writing a YA novel and partnering with Compassion Cafe to serve meals to San Jose’s unhoused community.  I’m excited to be modifying the Orange curriculum for Grace South Bay’s needs, preparing craft materials for the lesson plans and continuing to assist on Sunday mornings.