Just Enough about Jen

Jen has been on staff at Grace South Bay since the fall of 2021. Her heart for ministry began over 20 years ago while in college in Oklahoma City and working as an intern in youth ministry. A love of God’s people has led her to numerous church leadership positions in intergenerational ministry. She spent the past 10 years on staff at a PCA church in Nashville, TN with a ministry focus on women and discipleship. She is a lifelong learner passionate about continuing education and holds a master’s degree in Educational Ministries from Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis where she is currently pursuing a Doctor of Ministry in cultural apologetics and additionally serves as a member of the Advisory Board for the seminary.  


St. Louis is her hometown and that of her beloved St. Louis Cardinals!  She is an aunt to a nephew and two nieces, who all make her heart happy.  She has a wide range of interests—live music, theater, symphony, dancing, cycling, reading, traveling, listening to podcasts or sermons, documentary watching, and sitting with friends to laugh.