We want to be a praying church. We want prayer to be at the center of everything we do individually and corporately. That means, we want to encourage and teach our church members to develop a “praying life” where prayer becomes a natural, continual conversation with our Heavenly Father. Likewise, as a church body, we want to pray Kingdom-centered prayers that cry out for the coming of God’s kingdom and the restoration of all things.

Using the analogy of cell phones, we’re looking for “full prayer coverage” of all our members. Each of us needs to be a “cell tower” relaying prayer requests back to the church. There shouldn’t be a time or place where a church member in need of prayer is not covered. The answer to the question, “Can you hear me now?” should be a resounding, “Yes!”

To help facilitate this kind of prayer coverage, we have a prayer team ministry. The prayer team is committed to:
• Praying regularly for the needs of our church
• Being available on a rotational basis to pray with people before and after our worship service
• Leading the congregation in Prayers of the People
• Attending (as able) occasional prayer meetings

If you’re interested in attending the next prayer meeting or learning more about the prayer team ministry, please email Matt Tiscareno (Ruling Elder who leads this ministry) at matthewtiscareno@gmail.com.

To submit a prayer request to the prayer team CLICK HERE.